You Purchased a Policy. Now What?

Once travel insurance has been purchased, READ THE POLICY. Call the agent if there are questions or concerns.

Bring With You On The Trip:

  • A copy of the policy.  Better yet, email  a copy to yourself so that it can be accessed during the trip if necessary.
  • The travel insurance identification card and any other associated documents.  For example, a list of insurance company approved health providers at the travel destination as well as contact information for the insurance company.

Carry At All Times During the Trip:

  • Travel insurance identification card along with contact information (phone, email, etc.)
  • The name, address and phone of the hotel where you are staying, passport copy (if overseas), list of medications/medical conditions, and contact info of someone at home in case of illness or injury.   Give a copy of this information to someone traveling with you or have it readily accessible  in case medical personnel need to access it.

It is strongly recommended to keep ORIGINAL tickets, receipts, bills, payment documentation, and any other relevant documents in case a claim needs to be made.  In short, documents indicating a trip has been taken, an insurable event has occurred, and the expenses incurred as a result of the insurable event.  In this day of electronic tickets and documentation, it is still preferable to have paper tickets and documents in case a claim needs to be made.